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The right clipper blade

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The choice of the right clipper blade/shearing head is very important and makes the clip easier for both humans and animals. The correct storage, cleaning and the right regrinding should always be executed with care.

With the clipping of animals, not only is the choice of the correct clipper very important but also the use of the right clipper blade/shearing head. Depending on the animal species and race, different clipper blades are required to achieve the desired cutting length. At this point, the texture of fur plays an important role.

With the shearing of animals you have to regard some essential things:

  • The pressure has to be correctly adjusted to achieve the optimal result. If the pressure is too low, hair can gather between the blades. This leads to a bad result.
  • Well sharpened clipper blades extend the life span of the clipper and make the shearing much easier for humans and animals.
  • Sufficiently oiled clipper blades and shearing heads extend the life span of the clipper and the clipper blades and provide good results. The blades should be oiled regularly during and after every use. No other oil, other than the special clipper oil, should be used because it was developed especially for clippers and provides the right lubrication.
  • The clip should not be carried out with dirty, sweaty or wet fur. Dirt particles can damage the blade.
  • Careful maintenance of the clipper blades/shearing heads prevents damage and therefore provides an optimal result. The power unit is preserved and no higher load develops, which can reduce the battery life.