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Finding the right clipper

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Electric shearing machines are the easiest solution for a quick and efficient clip. The right clipper choice is essential for clipping.

There are many reasons why we should clip animals. Whether it is about the protection of the animal, excessive or felted fur, the control of the heat balance, the trimming of exhibition/show animals or simply about the well-being of the animal - electric shearing machines are the easiest solution for a quick and efficient clip. The wool gained can be processed and enables additional earnings.

The right choice of clipper is essential for clipping:

  • Which animal species should be clipped with a clipper? With this question the texture of fur plays an important role.
  • How much (complete or partial clip) and how often are the animals clipped?
  • Should the clipper be operated with mains supply or battery?

The company Heiniger is known for high-quality, precise and reliable animal clipping products. For this reason we are an official distribution partner for this company. Heiniger clippers have many advantages:

  • Easy and quick clipping of cattle, horses, llamas, alpacas, camels and small animals.
  • Heiniger shearing machines are suitable for everyone because of their easy operation and handling.
  • For the development of the clippers, Heiniger references the knowledge and experience of professionals, as well as feedback from users.
  • The ergonomic, slim and light clippers from Heiniger prevent the user’s wrists becoming tired, even with longer clipping times.
  • The clippers are particularly powerful, due to motors developed specifically for Heiniger.
  • With a huge selection of different machines, Heiniger can offer effective solutions to the individual needs of the different animal species. For example, exceptionally quiet, small and light machines for horse clipping.
  • Heiniger offers all accessories for clippers to achieve the maximum performance of their products.