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Butterchurn Assembly

Milky Butter churn FJ 10

How to assemble a butterchurn? Find all information and videos here!

  1. Open the card board box, take the container and place it on a clean, dry place. Open the cover, take out the power group and remove the packaging.
  2. Wash the container, the rubber of the container and the cork with clean water. This procedure has to be done before every use. Put the wet container washer and cork in its place. 
  3. Fill the container with the adequate amount of prepared cream, max 40 % volume of the container.
  4. Put the driving group on the holder on the container and put the cover in its place in the direction so that the hand of cover is on the security switcher on the housing of driving group. Place the plastic cork on the cover.
  5. Last Step: put the plug in plug box and the device is ready for use.

Milky Butterchurn FJ 10 Assembly

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