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Cream Separator Assembly

Cream separator Assembly

How to assemble a milk separator - What is important? What must be respected? Which order must be observed? Here you will find answers to these questions as well as helpful video tutorials!

Top bowl assembling procedure

  1. First put the rubber washer in to the notch of top bowl bottom part.
  2. Then place the metal discs. You have to take care during discs placement – the device uses two different types of discs – relief discs with middle position and relief discs. First you have to insert a relief disc, then the relief disc with middle position and so on. Repeat the procedure until all discs are placed. If the procedure has been done correctly, the last disc should be a relief disc with middle position. During the disc placement avoid any use of force. 
  3. Put the plastic partition in the top bowl cover part.
  4. Place both assembled parts of top bowl together. Take care that top bowl cover part mark "0" are in the same direction. 
  5. Screw the top bowl fixing nut and fix it strongly with the key. The marks "0"must stay in the same direction. The fixing nut must be strongly fixed, because it is exposed to high forces.


Assembly of a Cream Separator

  1. First put the housing on a desk or other plain and stable surface.
  2. Put the assembled top bowl on the conical motor beam and softly press it.
  3. Place the skimmed milk funnel on the top of the housing and also the cream funnel on the top of it.
  4. Turn the top bowl and check it is not touching one of the funnels. Then adjust the funnels to the desired position for skimming.
  5. Place the holder for milk container on top of both funnels and fix all parts with a rubber handle. Then place the floating device on it. Then place the milk container on the top.
  6. Lastly, place the closing cork in the hole located in the middle of the milk container. The narrow side of the closing cork handle must be turned away from the cut in the container. The milk outflow will be closed.

Please note! The closing cork must be closed, when you fill the container. This means that the narrow side of the closing cork handle must be turned away from the cut in the container.


Assembly Cream Separator FJ130 ERR

Assembly Cream Separator FJ130 EPR

Assembly Cream Separator FJ90 PP

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