Milk Pro­cess­ing

Direct marketing is the solution

Direct marketing is the solution - guides and tips

How do I earn more than 30 cents for 1 litre of milk? The answer to this question is direct marketing. With the Milky products you can gain the highest possible use and earnings from the processing of milk.

Direct marketing of dairy products is a huge chance to make headway against the milk crisis and offers a lot of possibilities to achieve a higher use and higher earnings with self-made products.

With our devices for the processing of milk, like Milky cream separators, Milky butter churns and Milky pasteurizers, you can easily process small to large amounts of milk with professional machines.

For our Milky professional devices for an amount of 100 litres of milk (daily production of 4 cows) upwards, the investment costs are extremely low and the "return of investment" almost sensational. According to the generated product or rather the available amount of milk, the payback period amounts only between 10 and 33 days - Have look at our pay-back calculation.

Milk processing tips