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Easy and quick processing of cream to butter

Easy and quick processing of cream to butter - guides and tips

With Milky butter churns the production of butter is very easy. From 100 litres of milk (or rather 8 to 12 litres of cream) you will get about 4 kg butter and between 5 and 6 litres of buttermilk.

After the separation of 100 litres of milk you will get approx. 8% to 12 % litres of cream. The fat content of the gained cream is usually between 30% and 42 %.

The preparation of the cream for the processing of butter is very important, because this has a huge influence on the taste, flavour and quality of the butter. Ideally, for the production of butter, 2 to 3 days old, stored at 5-8 °C (in summer) or 8-10 °C (in winter) cream is used. The cream is either processed directly with a butter churn or pasteurized before processing with a pasteurizer. Pasteurization of the cream is recommended.

The pre-cooled cream is again warmed up to a temperature of 12 to 14 °C. The cream container of the butter churn should only be filled up to the mixer. The longer the churning time, the better the quality of the butter.  According to the adjusted speed, the butter is ready in 20 to 35 minutes.

After draining the buttermilk, the butter is washed with cold water. If the outlet is left open, the butter can be pre-kneaded with the machine.

Afterwards the butter is kneaded into portions with wet hands and washed repeatedly. The cleaner the butter is, the more durable it is. Butter that contains buttermilk becomes rancid more quickly. The separate portions are filled in a wet butter mould ensuring that no air holes are formed. Afterwards the butter should be cooled down and put out of the mould.

From 100 litres of milk the gained 8 to 12 litres of cream will yield about 4 kg butter and between 5 to 6 litres of buttermilk, which can be bottled.

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