Electric fence easily explained

Electric fence easily explained - guides and tips

Electric fences are used for the fencing in or the exclusion of animals. These work quite simply, offering a high level of safety, mobility and flexibility as well as an easy control of the fence system. The electric fence, conductors, posts with accessories and the grounding form the basic structure of the electric fence.

Pasture fences are used for the fencing in or the exclusion of animals. An electric fence is based on the principle of deterrence by electric impulses. Generally an electric fence can work without electricity - often the first contact or few touches with electricity is enough for the animals to avoid electric fences.

For an electrical current to flow through an electric fence, a closed circuit is always needed. In the operable status no active current flows through the electric fence, it can only flow if the circuit is closed. At the touch of an animal the circuit is closed and the animal gets a brief electric shock. This shock flows over the body to the earth and is not dangerous, but scaring and uncomfortable.

Basically the electric fence consists of 4 components:

  1. The electric fence frequently gives electrical impulses. These impulses with an interval of 1 to 2 seconds last only for 0,1 to 0,3 thousands of a second.
  2. The conductor (tapes, wires, ropes) conducts the electricity
  3. Posts, insulators and gate handles serve as fixation for the conductors. Insulators prevent the conduction of electricity to the earth and therefore isolate metal or wooden posts.
  4. The grounding leads the electricity by a contact with the fence, into the bottom and back to the electric fence and closes the circuit.

An electric fence offers a lot of essential advantages in comparison to a non-electric fence:
##High safety: Animals are not able to break-in or to break-out. Because of the awareness of the electric shock, the electric fence isn't only a physical but also a mental barrier for animals.
##Mobility and flexibility: Electric fences can be installed, dismantled, rebuilt or extended very easily and quickly.
##Easy control: Control is especially important with long fences. The function of the electric fence can directly be controlled at the device or with a fence tester.

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