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Why Smart? - guides and tips

With our product range of electric fences and high-quality accessories, our assortment offers all essential products for the electric fence. High-quality, reliability, a long life span as well as easy operation and control are self-evident.

Strong electric fences and fence solutions are our strength. As experts in the agricultural area, with more than 50 years of experience, it was logical to develop our own product line of electric fences and accessories to meet the actual needs of the farmers. As a result, the successful, functional and attractive product line Smart was created.

With our manageable and well considered range of products, you can find the essential products for the complete pasture fence easily and fast. These include high-quality accessories like tapes, wires, ropes and insulators which are essential for the function.

Our product range for the pasture fence can be divided in 3 categories:

  • SMARTMAX – low-priced quality
  • SMARTPROFI – medium quality for reasonable prices
  • SMARTBULL – the highest quality and performance

Our electric fences are characterized by their high quality, reliability, long life span, as well as their easy operation and control.

  • Powerful devices for every kind of application
  • Weather-proof housing for special protection
  • 2 year guarantee and our service package form the ideal basis to help customers in case of problems
  • Many devices have an integrated voltage display and allow the fence control directly from the device
  • The control with the battery indicator is possible from a greater distance, because all important functions are displayed optically from the device

Whether you want to fence your animals in to prevent a break-out or if you want to avoid the entry of animals - fencing systems offer the right solution.


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