The right conductor for optimal safety

The right conductor for the optimal safety - guides and tips

The right choice of conductor is especially important for a sufficient voltage of the fence and therefore for the optimal safety of the animals. Tapes, wires and ropes are flexible to use, easy to install, dismantle, expand or implement.

An electric fencing system is always only as good as its weakest link. Therefore, the choice of accessories is essential to reach optimal electrification of the fence.

Tapes, wires and ropes serve as conductors and are especially flexible to apply, are easy to install and dismantle, expand or change. According to the animal species, the application area and the conditions, different conductors are used. When choosing a conductor, the fence length, vegetation and conductivity are essential.

The lesser the resistance (Ohm/m) the better the conductivity - the power is carried more efficiently and longer fences can be built. The thickness of the wires and materials used has a huge influence on the effectiveness of the electric fence.

With the help of Ohm's law, the three base items of a circuit can be calculated (voltage, power and conductivity), if at least two of them are known.

  • Little restistance = high current flow
  • High restistance = little current flow

The conductor has therefore a:

  • Very good conductivity - up to 0,05 Ohm/m
  • Good conductivity - up to 0,5 Ohm/m
  • Medium conductivity - up to 5,0 Ohm/m
  • Bad conductivity - up to 15,0 Ohm/m

Fence length

The fence length depends on the conductor. The more wires that exist, the better the electricity is carried in the fence. Two wires made of the same material have a double conductivity, that means that the fence can theoretically be twice the length. The resistance of the conductor is length dependent - the resistance increases and the voltage decreases with a growing length. Conductors with a bad conductivity can influence or reduce the current flow, especially with long fences. Therefore electric fences with a great length can only work with good conductive materials.


With vegetation the fence length reduces:

  • With medium vegetation approx. 50 % of the indicated fence length
  • With heavy vegetation approx. 20 % of the indicated fence length

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